Monday, January 16, 2012

Jim Krenn: "Giving them what they want"

David Michael and Jim Krenn
Most people in Pittsburgh know Jim Krenn. For those of you who don’t, he is the versatile comedian and disc jockey who until recently spent the better part of the last quarter century as part of the morning show on WDVE radio. At this point no one knows what will happen between WDVE and Krenn but it seems as though he will not be a part of the morning show.

As sudden and abrupt as it was, Krenn has no need to worry. He will be in demand. How do I know you ask... well it goes back a few years. I met him when I was a young comedian just beginning my career and he was an established headliner. This was prior to his radio days. Jim was kind enough to ask me to open for him at some local corporate events. This was a nice break for a young comedian in two respects. First, it was nice to be working and getting experience and secondly, and more importantly, was the advice I received from a real professional comedian. Jim was very generous when it came to this and I’m not the only comedian who has benefited from his kindness and expert advice.

However, Jimmy gave me some of the most important advice I have ever received as a comedian, entertainer and corporate speaker that I implement in every performance. As a matter of fact, I put a chapter about it in my book. When Jim would open his show, he would nonchalantly talk to the crowd and even relay some joke jokes (i.e. three guys walk into a bar) to the audience before he would go into his material. I asked him later why he did this because most comedians would just begin with their material. He told me quite simply. “Because Dave that’s what they wanted ". He said you have to give the audience what they want first and then they will give you what you want. He was right. At the time if you told someone you were a comedian, the first line out of their mouth was, "tell me a joke" and they expected one.

Today comedians are so mainstream people realize we do material instead of joke jokes. Over the years through while listening to him on the radio and working with him in person, I have seen Jim repeat this technique hundreds of times in different formats. He no longer uses joke jokes, of course, but will implement several other funny bits that he has written and it never fails. We had our national television debut on the same show and I saw him use it there.

Jim Krenn has become one of the most beloved entertainers in Pittsburgh. He spent almost 25 years on the same radio station in the same position which is almost 3 lifetimes in the radio biz. A good portion of that time he was number one in the ratings. When he performs live, it is usually a sold out event. So when I say that Jim Krenn has no need to worry, I simply mean that wherever he lands and whatever he decides to do, he will be a success because in my 25 years in the entertainment industry working with everyone from Jay Leno to Chris Rock and Howie Mandel to Drew Carey, I have never seen an entertainer give them what thay want better than Jimmy Krenn. Good Luck Pal. I’ll see ya at your next gig!

David Michael
Corporate Speaker

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome To David Michael Live Blog

Learn Public Speaking With Humor

In this blog I will share the secrets and techniques used by professional comedians to communicate with their audience and I will demonstrate how you can apply them to your own speaking communication needs. Comedians have always been considered natural public speakers who work at the highest level of the art form. We not only need the audience to listen to and retain our message, but, in addition,  we also need a physical response out of them...laughter. 

I will share stories and experiences that have shaped my stand up career in show business and corporate speaking. In addition, I will share my personal story of how a somewhat shy kid with big dreams became a national headlining comedian who went from performing in front of his sister in his bedroom to performing on national television and sold out arenas while working with some of the biggest comedy names of our generation. 

 Using these techniques and the advice I offer will make you a more effective communicator whether you are speaking in front of large group or doing a sales presentation to one individual.  I will share my interactions with the famous to not so famous performers whose insight can be extremely helpful to anyone from the novice speaker just beginning his career to the more experienced corporate speaker.   

My recently released book,  "Secrets from the Greenroom", is quite unique because never before have these specific techniques been made available to the public.   This book will make you a better speaker and is like no other public speaking book ever released.
My blog will cover some of these techniques in addition to many others.  Please join me while I share my experiences that will benefit your varied communication needs.